Audacity Productions Services

Music Production, Recording in San Diego, CA

Services include: Custom Music Creation | Informercial Music Beds | Post Production Mixing | Internet Stream Mixing | Forensic Audio Mixing | Automatic Dialogue Replacement | Voice Over Talent | Audio Book Recording | Corporate Live Event Sound Recording

Our services empower you, freeing the creative process and vision for success. We work closely with the client, removing obstacles and achieving goals. Professional and courteous, we partner with you to move your business forward.

custom music creation for AD campaign/branding

Creative and customizable music to brand your advertisement! Differentiate your product from other competitors. Bulk royalty free library music lacks customization. Set yourself apart with our custom music branding service.

infomercial music beds

Get your audience involved! Customized music beds tailored to your productions. Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Classical, Adult Contemporary, EDM and specific styles can be produced for your next project. Sound alike versions to popular songs available!

post production mixing/mastering for tv/film/commercials

A calibrated monitoring environment, multiple digital mixing software platforms (Pro Tools/Logic/Studio One/Digital Performer), hardware units, software plug-ins, allows for the seamless integration of workflow to and from your productions.

internet streaming mixing/mastering service

Place yourself ahead of competitors online with a professional mix. Online classes, YouTube videos and Podcasts will grab the listeners’ attention with a clean and clear message.

forensic audio repair

Legal cases involving poorly recorded audio, internet online classes with background noise, film location sound problems and wind noise problems can be solved with our Forensic Repair Service. Get rid of unwanted headaches within your projects!

Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

Today’s productions require professional overlay of original location sound recording with unwanted artifacts. Re-recording and synchronization of dialogue in a controlled studio environment re-directs the listener to your message.

voice over talent (recording/copy/production)

A well written message with professional voice talent is paramount to your messaging goals. We produce and supervise the process your idea to a polished finish.

Audio book recording/producing

The narration of Audio Books takes talent and time to produce a winning result! Our service finds the right talent to record and finalize a master performance.

corporate event live sound reinforcemenT

Live events with professional results give you the accolades! Ensure your audience hears your message is essential. We can setup a Public Address system to suit your corporate event needs, ensuring a polished performance!